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WOW! Forum ““Healthier Brains and Bodies”

Wellness Forum: “Healthier Brains and Bodies”

Barb Paschal, retired Rehabilitation Physical Therapist, will present a free WOW! Working on Wellness Radio Forum on Wednesday January 11th at 2:00 pm on KSQM FM (91.5) radio station.

Barb Paschal, well-known and admired physical therapist, will talk to us about the amazing effect on our brains and bodies that singing out loud can have, even more than just listening to

music in the background during our day's activities. A gentle dancing exercise in your home can increase your serotonin and endorphins and decrease your cortisol, in turn decreasing hypertension, anxiety, depression, loneliness, and physical pain.

Barb is truly invested in helping people hear, see, and participate with meaningful information about the quick, safe, and effective self-help we can all apply. Her favorite example is creating art by just picking up a pen/pencil and quickly and happily sketching anything like a tree, a vase, or even a cabin. It’s not about the quality of the drawing but about what happens in our brains and bodies when we become immersed in looking at the beauty and simplicity of something.

WOW! Working on Wellness is a health education program of Dungeness Valley Health & Wellness Clinic—Sequim’s free clinic. The Clinic provides basic urgent care and chronic health care services to uninsured community members. Our work is supported by more than seventy volunteers, including physicians, other professional health care providers and laypersons, as well as private and public donations from the Sequim community and beyond. We would like to thank our 2023 Proud Supporters: KSQM FM, Jamestown Family Health Clinic and Olympic Medical Center.

The Basic Urgent Care Clinic is open to patients on Monday and Thursday evenings beginning at 5:00 pm. Individuals interested in supporting the Clinic may call 360.582.0218.


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