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Strategic Plan 2022-2024

Doctor and Patient

Dungeness Valley Health & Wellness Clinic


Sequim Free Clinic
A Beacon of Health,
A Beacon of Hope


Checking Blood Pressure
Doctor and Patient

Health Care


Assess the needs of the population served to ensure new and ongoing health care issues are being  addressed.

Review quality and safety of clinical services provided by clinic and staff.


Partner with other community healthcare organizations to help identify needed services, avoid duplication and  collaborate on programs where  possible.

Explore adding services such as Podiatry and Dental Hygiene to existing services of Basic Urgent Care and Chronic Care Clinic as funding allows.

Chart review using predetermined clinical indicators and assessing for desired outcomes.

Review of patient satisfaction surveys


Wellness Program


Promote wellness and disease prevention as a community outreach.

Ensure pertinent wellness and disease prevention information is available onsite.

Encourage Community Collaboration and Engagement.


Design, develop and present public forums that address mainline and integrative healthcare.

Design, develop and present video of public forums and other topics to reach individuals who are unable to attend.

Coordinate with medical staff to ensure wellness and disease prevention information in support of clinic health care services is available to patients.

Goal – Provide and maintain television CD/DVD player to present audio-visual wellness and disease prevention information for patients in waiting area(s).

Organize and execute Annual Health & Wellness Fair


Participate and engage with local service groups and the faith-based communities.

Job interview

Human Resources


Hire and retain sufficient qualified and talented staff to fulfill Mission goals.

Engage and recognize our employees, contractors and volunteers by fostering an intentional culture that supports our Core Values of compassion, integrity, Inclusiveness and commitment.

Recruit and retain qualified, diverse community members to serve on the board that are committed to the Mission, Vision and Values of the clinic


Assess and implement best practices for hiring and retaining sufficient staff and volunteers to meet needs of the Sequim-Dungeness Community.

Review available personnel and plan to meet identified needs.

Offer skill development and training opportunities for employees, volunteers and contractors to enhance engagement, encourage productivity and motivate workforce development.

Seek opportunities to further enhance the professional growth and talent development of directors, including Executive Director while establishing goals and metrics to work toward that further our Mission, Vision and Core Values.

Develop an effective method for recognizing and thanking staff and volunteers that inspires continued strong commitment to our Mission, Vision and Core Values by providing feedback and gratitude.

Develop a succession plan for known or planned vacancies.

Health Care


Financial Stewardship


Establish financial policies and controls to ensure the long-term viability of DVHWC.

Ensure adequate income stream for Clinic to fulfill its mission.

Maintain a formal Recognition Program to recognize donations of funds.


Maintain cash reserves equal to six to twelve months’ operating expenses.

On an annual basis, the Board will consider contributions to the Endowment Fund and Capital Fund based on available resources and organizational needs.

Increase public awareness through more publicity.


Increase awareness of Endowment Fund by having at least one planned giving event annually and provide written information on website and in a brochure.

Maintain an annual plan for donation requests, grant applications and events to achieved needed donations and support.    

Recognize all donors with thank you letters and by having an annual event.


The mission of DVHWC, AKA The Sequim Free Clinic is to:

  • Provide access to free, quality health care to those who are medically undeserved.

  • Provide education to promote wellness


The Sequim-Dungeness Valley is a place where accessible health care is available to all and each person takes responsibility for wellness and prevention.

Core Values

  • Compassion.

  • Respect.

  • Inclusivity.

  • Integrity.

  • Commitment.

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