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WOW! Forum “Looking At Our Past To See Our Future -- Healthy Recipes”

Wellness Forum “Looking At Our Past To See Our Future -- Healthy Recipes”

Dr. Kip Tulin will present a WOW! Working on Wellness Radio Forum on Wednesday July 13th at 2:00-3:00 pm on KSQM FM (91.5) radio station.

Dr. Kip Tulin is the former volunteer medical director for the Dungeness Valley Health and Wellness Clinic (Sequim Free Clinic). He is a retired pediatrician and for more than ten years has lived in Sequim, where he and his wife have been discovering and enjoying all the beauty and bounty of the Pacific Northwest. He will talk about learning to love vegetarian options and what is now available in our markets and restaurants that was not even thought of just a few years ago. There are so many new and delicious choices like cauliflower rice or cauliflower pizza crust, cracker, chips or even cauliflower mac and cheese.

What we are choosing to eat has been rapidly changing and in this forum Dr. Tulin will help us take a good look at why this is happening. Research shows that we trend to eat what we did as children, but so many of those foods are no longer good choices for our health or for the future good health of our world. That can be because of new and different agricultural practices and because food processing has changed too. There is a growing wealth of vegetarian food choices in commercial markets and new recipes for how to cook them that are really worth your time and effort to investigate and perhaps add to your lifestyle. Dr. Tulin likes to remind all of us that “Your Health Is Still Not a Spectator Sport”, so let's get involved more in how and why we make the food choices that we make for ourselves and for our families.

WOW! Working on Wellness is a health education program of Dungeness Valley Health and Wellness Clinic—Sequim’s free clinic. The Clinic provides basic urgent care and chronic health care services to uninsured community members. Our work is supported by more than seventy volunteers, including physicians, other professional health care providers, and laypersons, as well as private and public donations from the Sequim community and beyond. We would like to thank our 2022 Proud Supporter Sponsors: Jamestown Family Health Clinic, KSQM FM Radio Station, Olympic Medical Center, and Dungeness Community Church. The Basic Urgent Care Clinic is open to patients on Monday and Thursday evenings beginning at 5:00 pm. Individuals interested in supporting the Clinic may call 360.582.0218.


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